MARCH GOLD Short Story Contest

MARCH GOLD Short Story Contest.

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Birdyjosh and Birdylu are birds of no feathers

Origami-styled paper birds tell a story

BIRDYJOSH and BIRDYLU ~ A Paper Birds’ Story was born out of my love for origami, the Japanese art of folding paper.  First, I did an acrylic painting of two paper birds posing in a realistic setting.  Since the colorful artwork was enjoyed by children and adults alike, I did a series of paintings, different themes but similar settings.  Upon completion of a few, one day I realized that the group, as a whole, told a story and so the writing began.  In order to complete the sweet tale of two loving paper birds and their offsprings, a few more paintings and watercolor drawings were made.  The fantasy tale emphasizes that, being birds of no feathers, they had to seek protection at all times and there was a lot to be said about that in the book.  After the story was published, I wrote it in poem format (see the poem and some book pictures in my website  You may wish to preview selected pages of the book in Amazon (a search for BIRDYJOSH or Mirta Oliva will yield several options:  to go to my websites or to Amazon, B&N or any of the other national or international sales channels). After the preview you may elect to buy either the paper back or download the eBook format for $1.49.

Finally, the book, aside from its entertaining and humane narrative, includes two pages dedicated to the love, caring and respect for all animals, domesticated and wild due to the goodness they do to humanity. This fantasy tale, though suitable for children of all ages, should be read to the little ones with proper emphasis and explanation so that they can understand its warm while entertaining message. Kindergarten teachers may wish to fold paper birds for the youngsters thus enlivening the class.

The Spanish version of the book JOSELIYO y LORILU ~ Mis Dos Pajaritos de Papel has been completed and is in the editing process for eBook publishing.

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This site will combine pictures of my artwork with selected writings, particularly my children’s book BIRDYJOSH and BIRDYLU, a Paper Birds’ Story, written and illustrated by Mirta Oliva.  The book can be previewed and/or purchased in Amazon and other channels plus it can be puchased from Kindle for $1.49.  It can be downloaded to your computer for the same amount, in full color following the free Kindle software.  As you download Birdyjosh. . . to your computer you will get free versions of classic publications.

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And the writing continues…

Current efforts are geared to promoting the children’s book via my two websites, blogs, social sites, etc.  I also continue to write anecdotes, essays, poems, etc. which are posted to my website AntiquesArtBookworld.  A sample of my varied artwork can be seen in the other website  The book is also being sold at domestic and international channels.

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BIRDYJOSH and BIRDYLU, a Paper Birds’ Story

March 15, 20-11 – My recently-released book “Birdyjosh and Birdylu, a Paper Birds’ Story” is a lovely tale of two origami-style paper birds and their struggles to survive amidst an unknown environment. The unusual, enlivened birds have been depicted in colorful garments to suit the scene or the view, in an unusual whimsical fashion. Parents and teachers will delight in reading this sweet story to the little ones, emphasizing the birds’ purpose and commitment, while the youngsters will be able to digest the contents on their own. After creating a series of paintings with the moon looking down unto realistic themes with the birds as the center of attention, I realized the artwork told a story and so the writing began.

Aside from the entertaining and humane narrative of the book, the last two pages were dedicated to love and caring of all animals, domesticated and wild. So much is known about the subject and so much love is professed to animals already, but the recap of some of the goodness animals do for humans may put everything in perspective in the children’s minds.


Book for sale at:

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