July 5, 2012 – After a successful career in banking, Antiques are Forever, Inc. was my entrepreneurial goal, i.e., dealing in arts and other antiques.  The latter was followed by my long-time dream: to resume painting, although now with a better understanding of art.  From my early realistic oil portraits to landscapes with farm animals, a muse-inspired transition was made into abstracts and comic animals, usually in series.
One thing led to another and soon I was visualizing portions of each series as children’s stories, which concept I quickly captured; the result: BIRDYJOSH and BIRDYLU, a Paper Birds’ Story, a full-color fantasy tale sold at various channels as either paper back or eBook format $1.49

Cover of eBook published 7/3/2012

.  The Spanish version has been completed and it is being edited for e-readers.  Three other books are in the works.

SUBLIME ADOPTION, A Tale of Love and Mendacity was published on Smashwords on July 3, 2012. It can be downloaded to your e-reader or to your own computer for $1.49 or you can first see a generous sample of the book for free.
Other writings include anecdotes, essays, poems, etc. which are posted to my website http://www.AntiquesArtBookworld.com. (mainly book/writings related with some of my artwork for color with a built-in blog with postings ranging from some of my poetry to my pet peeves to anything that comes to mind)
http://www.olivaarteshow.com (mainly to display a sample of my artwork)
http://www.SublimeAdoption.com (domain registered but website pending) This link will take you to the book page of
 SUBLIME ADOPTION, a Tale of Love and Mendacity. What starts as a humane love story linked to a noble adoption turns into a tale of   deceit and mendacity with four young adults quickly maturing [    More    results from www.smashwords.com ]


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